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How can it be possible? Magento has inbuilt and designed broad stack of technical features that ensure diverse functionality and a smooth customer experience. Its ease-of-customization and integration with a variety of third-party tools guarantee your webstore growth and opening the door to future possibilities.


Still do not know how to maximise Magento potential to the fullest or does your company want to join millions of Magento online stores? Turn to VGS Company for professional Magento webstore development. We see a long-lasting vision for your company’s development and challenges which you may face. We build strong relationships with your vision to provide tools to make your dreams come true. That is our core value. That is why you would like to start your Magento journey with VGS Company by launching your Magento webstore.

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Magento Development


Are you ready to transform your business into a powerful and scalable online store to increase revenue? If you plan to break into a new market and win customers, there are not so many ecommerce solutions to help you make a step forward. Why not to choose Magento?


Just think about this ecommerce platform as the main technology to focus on your growing business. Keeping that in mind, the professional team will dive into the process of Magento development for your online store and make this journey an enjoyable adventure. Our certified front and backend Magento team with passion for complex ecommerce solutions values every client in the same way as a family member. We are here to marry your business with Magento extensions, third-party integrations, support, speed & code optimization and best ecommerce practices.


Magento 2 Development


Looking for a tool to break the limits and grow your Brand into a global player? Magento 2 has started a new page in international sales. Using industry-leading Magento 2, you will boost sales and reach more customers as is required for any business development in the world we live in today.


Do not limit your company growth with just one country, one currency or one language. Get access to the upscale, innovative and flexible ecommerce global solution. Be ahead of your competitors with Magento 2 and never delay the growth of your business with room for further improvement and customization. Magento 2 was built to connect online store with customers. VGS Software has a profound experience in communicating with clients and a deep understanding of Magento 2 products & technical information that can be easily transformed for a non-technical audience. We develop together with Magento 2 and believe in a love of learning as a foundation for a successful long-term cooperation..


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Get in touch with our team. Send us email at contact@vugiasoftware  or call us +84 989 468 910

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Conversion-driven approach

We put conversions as a core value for our Magento development. Every action, every plan and every idea must follow this concept and with a strong belief that conversions are the main forecast of online store development. In respect to customers and clients, we build an outstanding shopping experience to transform our clients business from being just normal to being something special.

All about family relationships and more

We build our process in the same way a family builds their relationships and with our clients we share a mutual vision and common values. Based on this approach, our dedicated project managers put all their life to overcome any challenge whilst working on your project. There is no tiny problem that we can not solve to make our family happy.

There is no life without further development

We have been with Magento since this platform came into existence. We know its ups and downs, pros and cons. But with a strong belief in further development and a thirst for knowledge we create innovative and stimulating features. Build your webstore with Magento certified developers.

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We know how to develop, create and launch successful online stores. Build your Magento website without any limits. Promote your products, customize your content and enrich the webstore with any feature. We do not believe in magic, but our knowledge and family relationships help your business develop through a proven strategy based on experience in Magento development.